Thought I’d update you on Mollys progress since you visited a couple of weeks ago.. we are making some real progress minimal barking in house and garden and she is settling in her bed and having some good down time.. a lot calmer and settled than before and we are now walking on her collar with no harness and fingers crossed so far so good.. still a bit of a way to go but we are in a really good place so far and we still have some cuddles so I am a happy bunny too


Fantastic. I have learned a few things that would be handy for my dog. my dog enjoyed the agility and was a great way to finish the session. Will be looking out for the next event. Would advise anyone to take their dogs.

Hollie Mathews

We had a one to one session with chris rose took on his advice and there has been a big improvement with walking both our dogs. We attended the event this saturday and were really surprised at how our dogs began to interact with other dogs. Thanks chris will be there next saturday. Laura and Duncan

Duncan Harrison

Chris worked his magic on my lovely lurcher. It took a long time but was so worth it! Today we had a lovely walk. Thank you

Lea Bairns

Hi Chris, you saw me and Tess the puppy collie on Monday. Just to let you know things are going really well, we made all the changes you suggested and she is responding really well. My husband couldn’t believe it was the same dog when he got home! I hope to join your 7-8 class this Friday. Regards Nicola


Hiya Chris. Its one week on and Ginny is already loads better. Her new lead arrived the next day and she is getting used to it. Kong bought and in use and no more howling when I leave her at home and I opened the front door to the postman and she was as good as gold 🙂 .Hoping to come to your walk on Sat so will c u there. Oh and the trainers are happy for you to come to the club if you want to. Thanks so much Gail


Chris is helping my dog Jake, who after the loss of our other dog,  behaviour was getting out of control, he’s always been excitable but his hyperactivity went off the scale & just a simple walk was a major task. After our first session I couldn’t believe the change in Jake, Chris had made it so i enjoyed walking my dog again & given me some great advice on keeping him calm at home too. Just had a follow up session in which even more improvements were made. At 7 years old I didn’t think you could ‘teach an old dog new tricks’ but clearly I was wrong!


I cannot thank you enough for the help given in the one to one with us and Harvey. I wouldn’t have believed we could have such fast results but he and I are much happier and our relationship is much calmer. we are enjoying being all together and are recommending you to everyone!

Kathleen Graham

Absolutely well impressed by the advice and help given fantastic 🙂 very nice man too


I came for my first ever Agilio class and had a superb time.  I really enjoyed it and think I was rather good.  My human said the basic obedience ground work was really paying off, that the way I looked to her for instruction meant at Agilio I as able to do exactly what was asked of me.  thank you Human Chris for helping us.

Tartan Ted